A Commercial Finance Broker, put simply, matches the needs of clients with finance providers.
We like to think that we offer much more than that!!
Having had years of experience in Banking & Finance, one of the fundamental reasons that we decided to set up a brokerage is that, as a Broker, we can offer an Independent Bank Manager service but with a ‘whole of market’ choice of lenders, even for more specialist funding needs.

Not all Brokers are independent

Some Brokers are part of a larger financial organisation and as a result may be restricted or influenced by which funders, they can introduce you to. In contrast, independent and ‘whole of market’ Brokers like ourselves will objectively assess the finance market and concentrate on sourcing the best fit for you, and your needs, without being tied to a few specific lenders.

Get the finance deal that is right for you

With well over 250 commercial lenders out there, each with their own specialisms and criteria, the search for funding can consume a great amount of time and resources. If a business seeks finance themselves, how do they know that they are getting the best deal? More importantly, is the lender that they have found going to approve the funding? How much time and effort do you need to put in to source suitable funding? Even then, have you found the best terms out there?
We take the time to fully understand your business or property project and its funding needs and challenges. Commercial and property finance is bespoke, depending on the project, the business and many other factors. It’s not a one size fits all solution. Each client’s situation is unique.
Our job is to ensure that the right type of funding is sourced, with a suitable lender that fits the project and our client’s needs.

The Benefits of a Commercial Finance Broker

We have developed good relationships and strong connections with many different lenders and are able to negotiate a better deal on your behalf.
We can understand and present a business or property project in the best light to a lender to help get the funding agreed.
All lenders have their own areas of specialism and sector preferences, and keeping up with these is vital, especially when it comes to property investment and development funding.
We save you time by approaching finance providers who match your criteria. Finding the most suitable lender takes time so we do all this for you!!
We will talk you through the funding solutions available, and the lenders terminology, and deal with the entire process of applying for and securing your funding.

Ongoing support

Our support doesn’t stop once the funding has been agreed. We work with many other professionals, such as solicitors, architects and surveyors to help assist our clients.
We are there to support you in the long term, making sure that your funding continues to work for you, carrying out reviews and helping you to plan for your next project.
Contact us to find out how we can help
Enlisting the help of a Commercial Finance Broker can help you save time and money as well as gaining the benefit of industry expertise and ongoing support for your business.
For your next business or property project why not speak to us at JWJ Finance? Call us on 07760482667 or find out more about different products via our website.