Independent Business Finance Consultancy

Supporting businesses throughout the UK

Independent Business Finance Consultancy

Supporting businesses throughout the UK

What we do

JWJ Finance Limited is an independent Business Finance Consultancy which operates ‘whole of market’. This means that you get wholly impartial, honest and straightforward, no obligation advice.
We provide specialist Commercial and Business finance support to SME businesses throughout the UK.

Whether you need a start-up loan, commercial mortgage, factoring, or asset purchase, we can assist you in securing that funding.

We help businesses find the right finance solution for their needs, working with them to identify the right sort of funding. Then we assist with writing the business plans and applications. Finally, we pull all the pieces of the business jigsaw together to present applications to lenders for approval.
With access to over 250 lenders, through our lending partner network, we can often help you, even when your own bank may not have offered support.

Once the lending has gained approval, we continue to work with the business, lenders, solicitors, accountants, and valuers to ensure that everything proceeds as smoothly as possible.

Why we do it

We have a passion for helping and supporting businesses in the UK. Our belief is that every business should have the benefit of great independent financial advice.

We love to find out all about a business so that we can better help and support them to start up, grow and flourish. If your business grows, then we grow with you. We will be there every step of the way as your needs change and evolve.

Why not call us today and start the conversation on how we can help you get the commercial finance you need.

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About me

My Name is Sharon Fudge. JWJ are my Grandad’s initials and, apart from the fact that I could not really call my business Fudge Finance, I really wanted to honour his memory, as he was the person that I spent most of my formative years with. He instilled in me my core values of honesty, trust, hard work and a desire to help people. We also went on adventures and he introduced me to football. He was the one that made me believe that I could do anything if I just put my mind to it and applied myself.


I now have over 30 years’ experience in financial services working for RBS/ NatWest and then with 15 months at Worldpay. During my tenure at the bank, I worked both in Retail Banking, running high street branches, departments, and whole areas. I was also a Business Relationship Manager looking after anything from opening new business start-up accounts to business lending. Part of my role entailed maintaining ongoing relationships with those business customers. I saw my role as a trusted adviser who not only helped clients with banking needs but also with other areas. I could refer to trusted partners to help a business, because of my extensive contacts gained via networking within the local business community.


As I am FCA regulated this should assure you that I will conduct our business in a fair and honest manner. It also means that I can work more easily with the major high street banks when looking for your finance. I am an avid networker and love connecting people for their mutual benefit. Listening to business owners and focussing in on how finance might help them grow and expand their business vision is one of my passions. My parents had their own DIY business, so I also know first-hand what it is like to run a small business and the time and dedication that it takes to make it a success.

Often business owners do not know where to turn to or are put off after attempting to work with the banks directly when it comes to financing for their business. After all, this is not usually one of their areas of expertise. My aim is to make the process of identifying a financial need and resolving that need as easy, painless, and straightforward as possible for the business owner.


Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase is one way to finance the purchase of a fixed asset. You can purchase machinery or equipment and have the cost of the asset repaid over a period. With a hire purchase arrangement, the asset belongs to the business once you have made all the payments. However, the business can claim the valuable tax allowances from the beginning of the Hire Purchase (HP) contract.

The advantages of (HP) are that the interest rates paid are normally less than for traditional loans or overdrafts. The business does not need to find a large amount of cash up front to purchase the asset and payments can be fixed to aid budgeting.

Typical assets purchased this way are industrial machinery and equipment, vehicles, furniture, and computers etc.

Sale & Leaseback

This allows you to release capital from assets that you already own to further fund your business


This type of finance usually takes three forms, Finance Leasing, Operating Leasing and Contract Hire.

Finance Leasing

The business takes a long-term lease, usually in line with the life expectancy of the equipment. Once this time has elapsed the business pays a nominal rental, or if it is no longer viable may sell or scrap the machine/equipment.

The lender recovers the cost of the equipment, plus charges over the period of the lease.

The business does not own the equipment but is usually responsible for maintaining and insuring it.

Long funding leases are leases over seven years. Under this type of lease, a business may claim capital allowances as if it had bought the asset outright.

Operating Leasing

You would usually take out this type of finance lease if you do not need the equipment for its entire working life. The leasing company is normally responsible for the maintenance and insuring of the equipment. The company will take it back once the lease period ends.

Contract Hire

When hiring company vehicles, you would use this type of funding. The leasing company takes some responsibility for managing and maintaining the vehicles/assets, such as servicing and repairs.

Main advantages of asset finance are that:

You do not pay up front for the cost of the asset. This means that a business may have access to a higher standard of equipment than if it was buying outright.

Fixed payments so budgeting is easier, and the cost of the asset is spread over a longer period.

The leasing company often carries the risk if the equipment breaks down.

If you need to draw cash very quickly into your business, this is a means by which to do so. We review your debtor book (outstanding invoices) and convert this into usable, readily available revenue. The invoice itself is the security for the debt.

This type of arrangement is extremely flexible and so can greatly assist your Working Capital and Cash Flow situation.

As we operate ‘whole of market’ we can even source factoring and invoice financing for sectors that most cannot.

Factoring, by definition, is a business selling its invoices (money owed) to a factoring company. This company then process the invoices and allow you to draw funds against the money owed to the business. Typically, up to 85% of the value of the invoices. Once the agreement is set up, payments are usually made within 24 hours. Factoring companies also provide a debt collection and ledger management service in addition to financing the debtor book.

Although factoring is more commonly used to assist cash flow, it can also reduce business costs and administration. The factoring company is effectively performing a credit control function. They chase payments and issue statements to customers on behalf of that business.

Invoice Discounting

This is very similar to Factoring at it assists Cash Flow by providing funds against a company’s sales ledger/debtor book.

With Invoice Discounting, the business retains full responsibility and control over the sales ledger. The Invoice discounter holds legal title over the debtor book. The business continues to be responsible for collecting the debts and undertaking the credit control procedures.

The invoice discounter will check the business, it’s customers and systems. Once satisfied with the running of the business, and the debtor book, the Invoice discounter will then agree to advance a percentage, typically between 80-90% of the debtor book value, to the business.

There are some lenders that will also provide funds against stocks of finished goods.

If you want to purchase business premises for :-

• your own business occupation
• purchase an existing trading business
• re-mortgage an existing business property.

Then this is the type of loan you require.
We can secure this type of lending at very favourable rates and over a term of up to 30 years.

Buying a Business

We can arrange funding to purchase an existing trading business. This could include borrowing to purchase a freehold premise as well as the purchase of the business goodwill, stock, vehicles, and other key assets.

As well as advising on the Government’s Enterprise Finance Guarantee lending scheme (EFGS) we can offer secured and unsecured methods of finance.

We can also direct you to other areas of support and assistance such as property valuers and solicitors.

Starting a New Business

We assist new business owners to secure finance, help with business plans and source start-up funding.

The key to gaining most new business funding is a robust business plan. It is even better if the new business owner has experience in their chosen field.

We also advise new business owners where to get more help, support, and business advice locally by linking into the local government/council business support teams.

Property Development and Refurbishment Loans

Lending is available for profitable property projects. All property types are fundable, from one house to a block of flats, and everything in between. Once the project is complete, and you retain the property, you can convert the loan to a longer-term re-finance option.

Usually, lenders will fund up to 70% of the project. However, for more experienced property developers, willing to also provide security, we have funded up to 100% of the site purchase and development costs.

This is a short-term business loan usually for a period of one day to three years.

It’s a form of a loan which plugs or ‘bridges’ the gap until you can either clear the loan in full or obtain a more permanent form of finance.

Property Development projects usually use this type of finance. The developer will use the bridging loan to finance the build or renovation. Once this is complete they will either sell the property to repay the loan or choose to keep the property to rent out and replace the bridging loan with a longer-term solution like a commercial mortgage. This ‘follow-on’ lending will typically be at a much lower rate once the project is complete.

There are also lots of other projects that may require ‘bridging’ finance such as: –

• Purchasing a property at auction
• Raising cash to buy a business
• Purchasing stock
• Buying out a business partner
• Paying a tax bill

We can arrange this type of lending very quickly.

We operate as ‘whole of market’ so no industry sector is beyond our reach of lenders.

We have experience in lending to many business sectors. Clients, we have already helped, come from within the Hotel, Pub, and Leisure industry sectors. Plus, we have also sourced lending for the Nursing Care and Day Nursery sector.

Doctors, Dentists, Veterinary Surgeons, Private hospitals, and clinics have also had our assistance with Professional Practice Loans.

Our clients range from Recruitment Consultants to Construction and almost everything in between.

Why not call us today and start the conversation on how we can help you get the commercial finance you need.

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I purchased a property in auction recently. Sharon was upfront and honest about my chances of being successful. After considering my application carefully and quickly she sourced an excellent deal and explained it thoroughly to me, allowing me to consider each option before proceeding. Sharon kept me informed of how my application was proceeding at every stage and nothing was too much trouble for her. She is a first class advisor and I would highly recommend her.
Sakib Bashir

She knows her stuff, she was perfect for everything we needed, solved a problem we had within our business and we gained amazingly from her expert guidance Thanks Sharon.
Baz Cooper

I only have good things to say about Sharon, this lady will go above and beyond the port of call every time.
Nothing is ever too little for Sharon to help with, even if she doesn’t benefit from it.
A complete professional, and also a lovely person to deal with.
Steven Cleland

I viewed your website prior to writing to you and was really impressed by the warmth and honesty throughout, particularly the reference to your Grandad. It’s not often you find a website that gives you a ‘you are in safe hands’ feel!
Caroline Taylor, Practice Manager, St.James’s Place

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